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For the 19th century jacket, the garment was what we called a roundabout or a monkey jacket (akin to the jackets worn by an organ grinder's monkey).  The collar could be standing, ending just above the ear lobe, or the later style, which would have been the horse collar.  The collar was shaped like a horse collar, and padded and stiffened.  As far as the cuffs, there are many different styles.  The pockets for this period would have just been welted ones.  For information on button pricing please see the button page by following the link to the left.  Button prices are not included in the prices below.

  Roundabout of cotton, linen or wool:  $195.00
  Roundabout kits or cotton, linen or wool: $ 60.00
  Roundabout pattern: $ 15.00

*price does not include material cost.




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